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About us is a FREE Pakistani matrimonial website

Rishta Pakistan website will help you to find your suitable life partner. You may consider this website is the Pakistani online marriage bureau and free of cost membership.

Submit your profile on the Pakistani Rishta website using Signup and wait for approval of your FREE membership.  After membership approval, you can find your suitable life partner on the basis of age, caste, country, city, height, etc.  Pakistani Rishta website strictly respects your privacy and we don’t share your profile details to any marriage bureau OR we don’t show your profile for the public. If an approved member will allow, then other accepted members will see your profile only.
You can search for a suitable proposal on the Rishta website for your son, daughter, or any relative.

Marriage Bureaus charge very high and disturb families in terms of registration fees but at the end “NO RESULT”, possible 10% of families get a suitable proposal.

How does it (Pakistani Rishta Website) work?

  1. Signup for your free membership
  2. Wait for membership approval (Your profile information must be correct)
  3. You will receive a Membership approval email
  4. Search your suitable partner
  5. Send private messages to understand each other.

Membership on is FREE: is the only matrimonial website that offers free Pakistani proposal matchmaking service. You can create your free account and contact any member that suits your profile.

About ME 

I had a good and bad experience with "Rishtay Wali Maii" or different "Marriage Bureaus" in Pakistan and UAE to find my own marriage proposal. Spend a lot of money on registration fees and travel in different cities to find a suitable life partner.
I met with many families and individuals and realized that  “Hiding information both sides”.  

LARKI walay bhee HIDE kertay hain aur LARKAY walay bhee khuch information hide kertay hain (Matured Thinking: Should not discuss PAST of anyone)
(یہ ان کے مسائل اور ہمارے ناقص ذہنیت والے معاشرے کے غیر ذمہ دارانہ سلوک کی وجہ سے ہو رہا ہے۔)  

After all such experiences, I have decided to create Online Pakistani Rishta Website  

  1. For families who are having trouble finding suitable proposals.
  2. For males who are living in different countries and having trouble finding a suitable life partner.
  3. For females, who are having trouble in our society to find a suitable life partner.
  4. Save both parties' time.

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